CTA direct support professionals support people with autism, other developmental disabilities, mental health needs and kids in the foster care system. This is a highly rewarding job. You will be directly involved in enhancing someone's quality of life, their personal independence and their successful participation in the community.

CTA programs focus on three major goals:

  • Creating and strengthening various skills of the people we support
  • Engaging the people we support in ways that help them create a meaningful life
  • Supporting them in helping to establish self-control over their behaviors.


What are the Job Requirements?

We look for positive, enthusiastic people to be members of our team. CTA requires all employees to be at least 18 years old, pass a test for Tuberculosis, and clear a criminal background screening.

Do I need prior certifications or training?

CTA provides paid training in First Aid, CPR, Food Handlers, Behavior Supports, intervention training, and hands-on training with the people we support.

What is the rate of pay, and are there benefits?

Starting wages are $8.00 an hour and increase to $8.50 after training is completed. We offer 401K retirement plans to qualified employees. After one year of full-time employment, employees are eligible for health insurance, sick leave, and paid vacation. With experience the pay may be higher with some services.

Where are job sites located?

CTA is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently provides services in 22 programs in the Salt Lake area, Cedar City and in Davis county.

How Do I Apply?

Print out an application (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the document), complete all sections, and submit it to our administrative office. Or come in and fill out an application in person.